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Booking Deposit & Payment:

To hold your reserved booking, Sailing Ship Adventures requires a deposit within 48 hours of requesting your berth/cabin from the vessel owner/operator. The amount of the deposit will depend upon the vessel and itinerary, as well as the length of time before the voyage departure date. Final payment is usually required 60 to 90 days before departure. In most instances, payments may be made by credit card or check. Only cashier's checks or credit cards are accepted for bookings made less than two weeks before departure. All bookings are subject to cancellation if payments are not received by the due date.

Travel Requirements:

For all travel outside of the United States and Canada, passengers should have valid passports. In general, it is a good idea for U.S. citizens to have valid U.S. passports for any travel outside the country, even to Canada. Visas may be required for certain countries/ports visited. If you have any questions on this issue, please ask us for information and assistance. All travel documents, including passports, proof of citizenship, visas, etc. that may be required for entry into countries where you will be embarking/disembarking, even if just for a port visit, are the responsibility of the passenger. Passengers may not be allowed to sail without proper documentation. If you lack proper documentation or entry requirements, you may not be allowed to disembark in some ports of call. There will be no refund of travel fares or fees for passengers lacking required documentation.


Please be sure your luggage, whether checked or hand carried, is clearly labeled with passenger(s) full name(s), vessel name, date of sailing and cabin number (if any). Neither Sailing Ship Adventures (SSA), nor the vessel owner/operator will be responsible for loss, theft or damage to your luggage. Check your voyage ticket for limits to liability of the vessel owner/operator for loss of personal property, specified in the terms & conditions therein. Our travel insurance provides coverage for baggage loss and delay.

We strongly recommend that any valuables, as well as your travel documents, any necessary medications, and a change of clothing, be packed in your carry-on luggage to be with you at all times while traveling to and from your vessel.


Please note the embarkation time on your voyage ticket/documents. To embark, you need to have with you your voyage ticket, and valid travel documents. If you have not arrived at embarkation by at least an hour before the scheduled departure time, for customs and immigration clearance, your ship may sail without you. Neither SSA nor the vessel owner/operator are responsible if passengers miss the vessel's departure, and no refunds will be made in this event.

Medical Conditions & Physical Disabilities:

Ships in Our Fleet vary widely in their abilities to accommodate individuals with physical disabilities. Some vessels make special provision for wheelchair-bound passengers, the hard-of-hearing, and those who are blind. Other vessels are more constrained in their physical size and configuration, or with less sea-kindly motion underway, to be able to accommodate physical disabilities. Most of the vessels we represent have no elevators. Some ships in our fleet are sail training vessels, and expect that passenger/trainees want to assist in the operation of the ship. If you are not physically able to provide such assistance, you should ask us before booking passage on these ships.

Medical services available on most of the ships in our fleet are limited to emergency first aid procedures, in which the ships' officers are qualified. Passengers requiring hospitalization will be taken to the nearest practical medical facility ashore. For ships sailing some distance offshore, as in an ocean crossing, this may take several days.

If you or a member of your traveling party has a medical condition (including pregnancy) or physical disability requiring special assistance or medical treatment, you must inform Sailing Ship Adventures at the time you book your voyage, so that such condition may be brought to the attention of the vessel owner/operator. Individual vessels may have different policies regarding passage for any passengers judged to be unfit by reason of physical or mental condition for the rigors of an ocean voyage, and vessel owners/operators reserve the right to refuse passage for any such passengers. Our Travel Guard' Travel Insurance policy (see Travel Insurance, below) provides up to $300,000 for emergency medical transportation.

Ships' Services:

Some of the ships we represent can provide both laundry and dry cleaning service, others just laundry service, and some provide neither. Such services when provided may be at additional charge. Be sure to ask us about your ship.

Some of our ships provide passengers with electrical current for small appliances such as hair dryers and electric razors. Current provided may come in 110, 220 or other voltage; passengers should bring their own voltage converters. Some vessels provide electric hair dryers in passengers' bathrooms. Please ask us about the particulars of your ship.

A few of our ships provide telephone service while at sea for passengers via satellite, at passenger expense. If family, friends or associates need to contact passengers while at sea, they may call or e-mail Sailing Ship Adventures for assistance in doing so.

Port Charges & Airport Fees/Taxes:

Airport taxes & fees, where charged, are the responsibility of passengers. They may be included in air ticketing charges, or payable at departure airports.

Port charges are in addition to your passage fare. They are payable when your final payment is due. These charges will be invoiced at time of booking. However, they are subject to change by individual countries and ports.

Cancellations & Refunds:

Different vessel owners/operators have different policies with regard to when a cancellation must be made to receive any refund amount. Most vessel owners/operators provide full refunds if passengers cancel in writing 120 days or more before departure. Refunds typically decline as a percentage of the fare the closer to departure date the cancellation is made. If cancellation fees are charged by air carriers or pre/post-voyage hotels, they will be deducted from any refunds made. Your voyage documents will specify these policies. If you have any questions about such policies, please ask us to make them clear before you put down a deposit for your voyage.

Sailing Ship Adventures charges a non-refundable $25.00 per passenger deposit, at time of booking, on all bookings. This is not an additional fee, but is part of the commission payable to SSA. In the event that you cancel your voyage, any refunds due you will be made less this deposit.

Travel Insurance:

Sailing Ship Adventures highly recommends and is happy to provide travel insurance through Travel Guard' International for our clients at the time of booking. The most important benefit of this insurance is to reimburse you for pre-paid nonrefundable expenses if you must interrupt or cancel your trip due to:

  • unforeseen sickness, injury, or death of the insured or immediate family member;
  • financial default of an airline, vessel or cruise line, or tour operator;
  • terrorist incident in a city on the insured's itinerary;
  • jury duty, or various other unforeseen events specified in the policy.

This insurance will cover the costs of trip cancellation or interruption, travel delay, baggage loss, baggage delay, medical expense, emergency medical transportation, and accidental death or dismemberment. The cost for this insurance varies according to the cost of the trip and the age of the passenger covered. SSA will invoice you for this insurance when you book passage.

Itinerary Deviation:

Sailing ships have for centuries followed routes dictated by winds and ocean currents. In the past, without benefit of engines, this was their only real choice. While the vessels in our fleet have engines, they still seek to use sail power whenever possible to avoid the need for fuel consumption and engine wear. Some of our ships follow their itineraries closely, using their engines as necessary to stay on schedule. Others will deviate from their itineraries, changing port order, to make the most of the winds and weather. Still others have no set itinerary except embarkation/disembarkation ports, and go where best weather or best diving opportunities dictate.

It is always within the Captain's &/or vessel owner's discretion to deviate from published itinerary and schedule, without liability for damages or refund of any kind. The Captain's first responsibility is the safety of his passengers, and he will operate the ship with his best judgment to ensure their safety.

Limits of Responsibility:

Sailing Ship Adventures' liability and responsibility is limited. SSA does not own any vessels, air carriers, or hotels. As a convenience to our clients, SSA sells services operated by independent contractors, but SSA shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any damage, loss, injury or death arising in conjunction with the services provided by these independent contractors

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