Destination Area: Africa West & Canary Islands
Length: 9 NIGHTS
Vessel: Europa


Tenerife, Canary Islands on October 2, 2019


Sal Island, Cape Verde on October 11, 2019

Fare €1,190 per person in a 4/6 person cabin
€1,390 in a 2 person cabin.
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Sail the Atlantic Islands off the coast of Africa
The Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands

The bark Europa is well known by blue water sailors. She has sailed in tall ships races in the Atlantic & Pacific oceans, and even in the Great Lakes ...

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  • Learn tall ship sailing from the professional crew
  • Set & trim sails
  • Take your turn at the helm
  • Stand watch
  • Practice navigation
  • Observe marine mammals
  • Make new friends among your shipmates

From the Canary Islands, we sail to the Cape Verde Islands where the Magellan fleet stopped at the end of their circumnavigation.

Sailing in this part of the world is pleasant and the wind and currents are favorable and warm. The more south we sail, the temperatures will rise. During the voyage we sail about 150 miles off the coast of the Western Sahara with a favorable wind from north east.

The days are filled with assisting in sailing, helping with all kinds of maintenance activities, sailing training, lectures on (celestial) navigation, ocean winds and currents. During nightwatch, there is more than enough time to stargaze. Clear skies with the most magnificent starry nights occur. The sky of the northern hemisphere is losing terrain, with Big Bear and Polaris slowly sinking below the horizon.

Another interesting sight to see at night is the algae lighting up on the bow of the ship. The effect is fantastic when we are accompanied by dolphins, who take some time to swim with us, while their tails light up under water. In the wake of the ship, the trail we leave behind in the water is fluorescent green and blue, with little underwater explosions from time to time. It is the fascinating phenomenon of bioluminescence.

Tenerife, Canary Islands
The island of Tenerife is bisected by steep volcanic mountains cut by garden-like valleys lush with flowers and vegetation. In the capital of Santa Cruz' anthropological museum, learn about the original inhabitants of Tenerife, the stone age Guanche people, who eked out an existence as shepherds. Not to be missed is a spectacular drive into the mountains, where 3,718-metre Mount Teide, Spain's tallest mountain, is covered in snow much of the year.

9 Days at Sea
At sea, in the open ocean out of sight of land, standing watches and enjoying the ship's routine.

Sal Island, Cape Verde
Sal is known as the Sunniest Island. When flying in it seems as if you are landing on a golden pearl of sand in the middle of a turquoise-blue ocean. For many years, the island was a center for salt mining, which is also where the name Sal - salt - comes from. However, the salt is almost only for local use and for tourists now.

The city of Santa Maria has developed in a lively way. With its many miles of beaches that are up to 500 feet wide, Santa Maria offers ideal conditions for a classic beach holiday. The landmark of the town with its small restaurants, stores and little pastel-colored houses is undoubtedly the weigh house on the old harbor quay, where salt was weighed in years past, and now is the site of souvenir shops. You can still see fishermen when they bring in their catch and clean it at the harbor quay, just as in the past.

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