Destination Area: Atlantic Coast, Europe
Length: 4 NIGHTS
Vessel: Stad Amsterdam


Hamburg, Germany on October 12, 2019


IJmuiden, Netherlands on October 16, 2019

Price per person
in a 3-person cabin: € 580
in a 2-person cabin: € 685
in a 1 person cabin: € 1,027.50.
Are you interested in a cabin with a double bed? The surcharge is € 250,- (depending on availability).

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This is a short three-night passage in the North Sea, from Hamburg, Germany to IJmuiden, Netherlands.

Stad Amsterdam is a 3-masted, full-rigged ship, a modern 'extreme' clipper, with the best sailing characteristics of the historic clipper ships ...

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  • Join one of the ship's 3 watch sections participating alongside the professional crew
  • setting & trimming sails
  • keeping lookout
  • taking a turn at the helm

  • Or

    simply enjoy being at sea
  • see dolphins playing in the ship's bow wave
  • read a good book from the ship's library
  • take pleasure in eating delicious meals with the crew in the longroom
  • make new friends from among your shipmates

A short three-night passage down the North Sea coasts of Germany and the Netherlands.

Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg's official name is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Hamburg is a major transportation hub in northern Germany and has become a media and industrial center.

There are numerous museums and theaters to visit, as well as touring the architecture of the city. Visitors can tour the city by bus and take part in many of the traditional German festivals that take place throughout the year.

Elbe River
The Elbe River is one of the major rivers of Central Europe. It rises in the Krkonose Mountains in the northern Czech Republic then traverses through Bohemia, Germany and ends at the North Sea. The river is 675 miles long.

Passenger boats cruise along Elbe's path to experience incomparable treasures and timeless traditions that reflect the character of Saxony.

North Sea Canal
The North Sea Canal is the waterway in the Netherlands that extends between Amsterdam and IJmuiden on the North Sea coast. Proposed in 1852, the canal opened in 1876. It has been enlarged several times. Navigable by 90,000-ton oceangoing vessels, the canal is 15 miles long, 49 feet deep, and 771 feet wide. It gave Amsterdam access to the sea and made it a major port.

Wadden Islands
The Wadden (or Frisian) Islands, are a North Sea archipelago off the coast of the Netherlands and Germany. The island chain's mud flats, beaches and rolling hills protect birds, seals and native horses.

IJmuiden, Netherlands
Although archaeological records show that IJmuiden was a fairly important North Sea port during the Roman era, the city in its present form owes much to the North Sea Canal, completed in 1876 along with the mighty IJmuiden sea locks (160 feet wide and 39 feet deep). The Canal connects the North Sea with the IJ Bay in Amsterdam and ensures that Greater Amsterdam is not flooded, as much of the area lies below sea level.

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