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Vessel Details - Stad Amsterdam

About the Stad Amsterdam
Stad Amsterdam is a 3-masted, full-rigged ship, a modern 'extreme' clipper, with the best sailing characteristics of the historic clipper ships. With a narrow beam for her length, and carrying almost 24,000 square feet of sail, she is powerful and swift. She was completed in 2000, built to the highest standards, with a welded steel hull, state of the art technology in engineering plant, electronic navigation, and communications equipment.

She is truly a beautiful ship to behold, with black hull and lovely figurehead, lots of brightly colored & gold painted trim. Below decks the interior spaces, including cabins, the reception area, and the longroom (dining room and bar) are finished in a light cream tone, giving lots of reflected light and an open, airy atmosphere. Each of the 16 comfortable and spacious cabins has portholes, 2 lower bunks, and two upper pullman bunks which fold out of the way when not in use, and an ensuite bathroom.

Underway, Stad Amsterdam is breathtaking. She heels slightly to a freshening breeze and accelerates, feeling as powerful as a train under your feet. Her crew climb aloft to shorten or spread more sail just as sailors did when clipper ships were at the leading edge of technology. Stad Amsterdam is fitted with bracing winches, one of the last developments in sailing ships during the 20th century, allowing fewer crewmembers to move the yardarms with wind shifts or course changes.

Stad Amsterdam is owned by the city of Amsterdam and the Randstad Group, a large Dutch company. She is used for cadet training for part of the year, but also participates in Sail Training International's annual Tall Ships events. In the summer months she is usually sailing in European waters, and in the winter she repositions to the Caribbean. In tall ship races, Stad Amsterdam can be a tough competitor. She won one of the Cutty Sark Tall Ships races in 2001. She is competing in the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge in May, 2005, racing from New York's Ambrose Light 3,000 miles to Lizard Point in the UK, the southernmost point of land in Cornwall at the beginning of the English Channel. She has been chartered by members of the Storm Trysail Club specifically for this race, to try to beat the 100 year old record of 12 days, 4 hours, set by Charlie Barr on the schooner Atlantic. (Late note - unfavorable winds forced Stad Amsterdam to leave the race to make her schedule.)

The Stad Amsterdam at a Glance

Berths: 14 cabins / 28 to 40 berths
Crew: 25
Length: 250 feet Ft
Beam: 34.5 feet Ft
Draft: 15.6 feet Ft

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