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Vessel Details - Atyla

About the Atyla
Her cozy living quarters are designed to make you feel at home at sea. She can accommodate up to 24 passenger/trainees. The sleeping areas are separated into four cabins. Each bunk bed has an Individual LED light, thick curtain that separates it from the room, and bed linens & duvets/pillows. There are 4 toilets and 2 showers on board, with hot running water, as well as a washing machine for clothes and towels.

Eating is a social activity, and on board we do everything together. Meals can be served either in our large living room or, when the weather allows it, on the deck surrounded by views of the open ocean. Atyla’s galley has everything needed to prepare food on board. With a chef to plan and cook, all on board are provided with 3 nutritious and delicious meals per day.

The ship is fitted with 220V electricity plugs, as well as USB chargers for phones and cameras. Atyla is equipped with electric heating for a warm and relaxing night’s sleep. She also has a 60-inch-TV in the living room, indoor and outdoor sound system, and outdoor lighting so that evenings can be enjoyed on deck.

Atyla is equipped with safety features to international SOLAS A standards, including: Life rafts and life vests for 80 people, safety harnesses to go aloft in the rigging, 6 ring lifebuoys, complete fire-fighting equipment, and complete electronic communications, radar and navigation systems.

Crew members from many nationalities and backgrounds are welcomed to embark on a truly multicultural learning environment. Our professional crew is there to guide and inspire you, and to foster the safety and teamwork needed for the ship to keep moving.

Joining as a Trainee is your chance to experience an incredible educational voyage. You will be part of an international team and will actively participate in all aspects of life on board. You will participate in setting sails, taking the helm, keeping watches and cleaning the ship. The time on board is fun but also hard, and that helps us working on some very essential skills for personal development. Sailing as trainee includes: personal development workshops, sail training workshops, a personal coach, a bunk & 3 meals a day, insurance for accidents and personal effects.

Sailing as a passenger provides a unique opportunity to witness Atyla’s Educational Program in action. Book as a passenger and you can enjoy the incredible experience of cruising across the open ocean, but we’ll sail Atyla for you! Enjoy this full board package with three freshly prepared meals made daily by the ship’s cook.

Each Passenger Booking includes: freedom to join the ship’s activities or just enjoy free time, 3 meals a day and a cozy private bunk, the opportunity to visit at least 2 coastal cities with unlimited free time, insurance for all activities on board.

The Atyla at a Glance

Berths: 24 in 4 cabins
Crew: 8
Length: 101 Ft
Beam: 23 Ft
Draft: 10 Ft

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