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Vessel Details - Kajsamoor

About the Kajsamoor
Kajsamoor is what we call a ketch - two-masted, with the after (or mizzen) mast shorter than the main mast, and stepped forward of the helm. In the Baltic Sea where she has sailed since her launch in 1939 as a typical North Sea cargo ship, she is known as a Galleass-rigged, square-topsail schooner. She has a yardarm for a square sail on the main mast, and she is rigged with gaff-topsails on both masts. This makes for a well-balanced sail plan which is easily shortened when the wind pipes up. Her name, from old Norse mythology, means The Mother of the Wind Troll. Constructed in wood, she has been restored and well-maintained with traditional workmanship and materials. And she is fully equipped with modern electronic navigation & communications gear and safety equipment.

Kajsamoor’s mission is to practice Low Carbon Shipping in conjunction with a Sail Training Program on a working sailing ship. This Vessel will be one of the few ships operating within a green footprint. Those sailing aboard her can be a part of this important movement and adventure to protect our seas from excess carbon emissions by bringing back the Age of Sail, transporting goods throughout the Caribbean Islands. Trainees will learn to become capable sailors and capable sailors will receive precious sea time on board 100+ton vessel. You'll have time to explore each port, usually one to two days, while learning to sail like the mariners of old. With three squares a day and a comfortable bunk, Master Captain Cactus Bryan and his professional crew will teach you the ways of the sea with practical, hands on sailing aboard Kajsamoor.

The training program offers a unique opportunity to sail as a deckhand on a traditional ship. Participating alongside professional crew, everyone takes part in watch standing, sail handling (even going aloft, although that is not required), hauling on lines, anchoring, scrubbing decks, painting & varnishing, taking turns at the helm, and helping in the galley. You will learn seamanship, navigation, astronomy and traditional sailing (no winches on board). In addition to learning hands-on operation of the ship, you will be exposed to the physics of sailing, safety procedures and the use of safety equipment, and the effects of tides, currents and weather on the ocean and Kajsamoor. You will also learn about marine ecology, oceanography, and the maritime history of the areas sailed. No sailing experience is required, but you must be healthy and fit and at least 18 years of age.

The Kajsamoor at a Glance

Berths: 16
Crew: 4
Length: 108 Ft
Beam: 19 Ft
Draft: 10 Ft

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