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About the Pelican
The Tall Ship Pelican is a steel-hulled vessel, built originally in France as an Arctic fishing trawler. In 1995 she began her conversion to a sail training ship. In 2010 she underwent a full top overhaul. Pelican has an unusual rig, based on the Xebecs of the Barbary Pirates. These fore & aft rigs, using huge lateen sails, were more weatherly and maneuverable than the typical square-rigged vessels of the day. Pelican has fore and aft sails on her foremast & mizzenmast, but is square-rigged on her mainmast with yardarms which can be braced closer to the center line than the typical square-rigged ship, making her more weatherly. Setting 11 sails, she is termed a Mainmast Barkentine. Pelican is equipped with a Volvo 290 horsepower diesel auxiliary engine, and two diesel generators. She is fully outfitted with modern navigation, communications and safety equipment. She is air conditioned, and each of the five four-berth passenger/trainee cabins has an ensuite bathroom with sink, commode and shower.

A voyage on the Pelican is a life-changing experience; it's not just about learning to sail or training to be a seafarer. It's about learning to enjoy simple pleasures and learning in the company of like-minded shipmates. Whether you are 16 or 80, a voyage on Pelican will be an amazing personal voyage of discovery. With the permanent crew to guide you, no sailing experience is necessary - just energy and enthusiasm. You will enjoy the ship as an active member of the crew and have the chance to steer, navigate, climb the rigging and set the sails. Each passage is unique. Being on board is a hands-on experience which involves more than just sailing. It will include sail handling, watch keeping, working aloft, ship's cleaning, maintenance, and food preparation.

The Pelican at a Glance

Berths: 20 in 5 four-berth cabins
Crew: 18
Length: 148 Ft
Beam: 23 Ft
Draft: 13 Ft

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