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About the Oosterschelde
Oosterschelde is a beautiful three-masted Dutch topsail schooner, built in 1917 to carry cargo to international destinations. She was fully restored in 1992, and is the largest Dutch restored sailing ship in existence. Oosterschelde sails worldwide as a sail training vessel, on voyages short and long, as well as competing in the annual European Tall Ship Races.

Sail trainees are assigned to a watch, working alongside the professional crew (unless they prefer not to be so engaged). Involved in all onboard routines, from navigation, steering, and trimming sails, trainees learn the operation of every line, halyard and sheet.

The ship is very comfortably equipped, with 8 double cabins and 2 four-berth cabins, each having a washbasin with hot & cold running water. Showers and commodes are shared. The spacious lounge has sitting areas, reading tables, and a piano. The library is extensive, with books on sailing areas, animal life and sailing ships, as well as video documentaries.

The Oosterschelde at a Glance

Berths: 10 cabins, 24 berths
Crew: 7
Length: 163 Ft
Beam: 25 Ft
Draft: 10 Ft

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