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Vessel Details - Prince William

About the Prince William
Prince William is one of two sail training brigs owned and operated by the Tall Ships Youth Trust, an English registered non-profit organization dedicated to the personal development of young people through tall ship sailing. Launched in 2001, she is steel-hulled, two-masted, and spreads over 12,000 square feet of canvas in 18 sails, 10 of them square sails. Though traditionally rigged, Prince William is a modern vessel, built to the highest technical and safety specifications. She offers comfortable accommodations in 8-berth cabins, with privacy curtains and private locker for each sail trainee. Unlike her more spartan 19th & early 20th century predecessors, hot showers are always available, as are air conditioning and central heating.

As a sail trainee, you will be directly involved in the sailing of the ship from port to port. This is truly a hands-on experience. You'll be assigned to a watch section, and stand your watches in rotation around the clock, guided by an expert Watch Leader. You will learn how to climb the rigging, how to set, trim and furl sails, and will take your turn at the helm. Your duties will include cleaning and various ship maintenance tasks. During your off-watch time, you get to enjoy the ship and your shipmates, perhaps see dolphins or even whales, and maybe race or cruise in company with other tall ships. In port you'll have time to go ashore and take in the local sights and sounds, and even visit other tall ships.

Your safety is always top-of-mind for your Captain and professional crew. You'll wear safety harnesses when you go aloft, always under the supervision of trained professionals. The ship is equipped with the best of modern electronic navigation and communications gear. The focus of your voyage will be the development of personal skills through challenge, teamwork, communication, empowerment and self-reliance.

The Tall Ships Youth Trust, as the name implies, is dedicated to the development of youth. Still, voyage age groups range from 16 to 75, with limits by age segment. Call for details.

The Prince William at a Glance

Berths: 48 berths, 6 cabins
Crew: 19
Length: 195 feet Ft
Beam: 33 feet Ft
Draft: 15 feet Ft

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