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Vessel Details - Santa Maria Manuela

About the Santa Maria Manuela
Santa Maria Manuela is a steel-hulled, four-masted, gaff topsail schooner, home-ported in Lisbon, Portugal. Launched in 1937, as one of the famous White Fleet, a group of cod-fishing sailing vessels with white hulls. These ships painted their hulls white during the years of World War II so that German submarines would recognize them and not torpedo them.

She operated as a fishing ship up until 1993, sailing annually from Portugal to the Grand Banks, Newfoundland and Greenland every spring, and returning with a hold filled with dried salt cod in the fall. Her sailors would fish from small dories launched from the ship, using long lines with baited hooks. After a sailor had filled his dory to the gunwales with cod unhooked from the long lines, he would row back to the ship, where the cod would be gutted & cleaned, before being layered into the hold with salt to preserve them.

Santa Maria Manuela was completely rebuilt from 2007-10 as a sail training & passenger vessel. She engages in adventure sailing holidays, SCUBA diving and snorkeling expeditions, team development, sail training programs and tall ships races. No prior sailing experience is required to enjoy a voyage. All are welcomed aboard and invited to join the professional crew in sailing the ship. All that is required is a spirit of adventure.

Cabins are basic, but very comfortable, each with private ensuite bathrooms and sea-view porthole. The ship is equipped with kayaks, paddle boards, fishing gear, and two 14-person power boats, as well as modern communications and navigation equipment. She hoists over 13 thousand square feet in her 12 sails, and has twin main engines.

The Santa Maria Manuela at a Glance

Berths: 46 (in 2, 4 & 6-berth cabins)
Crew: 24
Length: 204 Ft
Beam: 30 Ft
Draft: 18 Ft

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