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About the American Eagle
American Eagle was launched in 1930 as a Gloucester fishing schooner, and sailed from Gloucester for over 50 years. Captain John Foss purchased her in 1984, and took her to Rockland, Maine, where she underwent a complete rebuild. In 1986 she began her career as a passenger-carrying windjammer. Each fall she returns to Gloucester to participate in the annual schooner race there.

Each voyage is a unique vacation, with spectacular scenery, wildlife, lighthouses and wonderful meals prepared onboard by American Eagle's longtime cook. You are encouraged to participate by taking a turn at the wheel, helping raise and trim sails, and follow the ship's course on the chart. Or, you may just want to kick back, bask in the sun, read a book, and follow the incredible passing scenery. You will find an easy congeniality onboard, making for instant relaxation and camaraderie.

Carrying a traditional "bald-headed" rig (no topsails), American Eagle is a great sailing schooner, with a good turn of speed under sail, able to carry full sail comfortably even up to 25 knots of wind. A deep draft vessel, she is safe and stable in open water. Passengers can gather in the galley forward or the main cabin aft. She is a designated National Historic Landmark.

Captain John Foss has been sailing the Maine Coast from an early age, and has skippered Maine Windjammers since 1976.

The American Eagle at a Glance

Berths: 28 in 14 cabins
Crew: 6
Length: 125 Ft
Beam: 20 Ft
Draft: 12 Ft

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