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Vessel Details - Stephen Taber

About the Stephen Taber
Launched in 1871, the Stephen Taber epitomizes the classic coasting schooner. Built in an era when highly skilled shipwrights built fine vessels to be aesthetically beautiful as well as functional, she stands as a proud tribute to American craftsmanship. She is today the oldest documented sailing vessel in continuous service in the United States, and has been honored by inclusion on the National Historic Register. In keeping with history, Stephen Taber has no inboard engine, but relies on Babe, our trusty yawl boat, to give us a hefty push when ever we need her. Whether she is charging across the bay with a steady following breeze or just ghosting along with a late-afternoon zephyr, you will thrill to being a part of this extraordinary sailing adventure.

Each week from Memorial Day through fall foliage season, Stephen Taber sets sail from Rockland Harbor for six days of exploring one of the most beautiful and acclaimed cruising grounds on Earth. Your adventure will be spend exploring spruce-fringed islands, gunkholing amongst secluded coves, visiting remote fishing villages, and reaching across the bay that lap the Maine coast. In the tradition of Maine coasting schooners, Stephen Taber determines her course according to the winds and the tide. When the prevailing breezes carry your ship downeast, you will head for Stonington and Deer Isle, Mt. Desert Island, or perhaps Sorrento or Isle au Haut. Another day's forecast may offer ideal conditions for a broad reach to Monhegan, summer haven for acclaimed artists, or perhaps you'll tack past Pemaquid Point for Boothbay Harbor. There is no set itinerary, but dependable winds ensure stops at many a lovely anchorage.

As you breeze along, you'll see lobstermen hauling and setting traps, colonies of harbor and fur seals sunning themselves and cavorting in the water, and the multitude of waterfowl that make Maine their home. And you may be pleased by the appearance of whales and porpoises.

The Stephen Taber at a Glance

Berths: 22
Crew: 5
Length: 115 Ft
Beam: 22 Ft
Draft: 5 feet, with centerboard down 14 Ft

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