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About the Angelique
Captain Mike and his wife Lynne welcome you aboard their vessel the Angelique, to share with you the delight of cruising Maine's coastal waters under full sail. Join new shipmates, share the enthusiasm for the lore of Penobscot Bay, the fascinating history and legends of lighthouses, the small villages and rocky islands that dot the bay.

Angelique is your vacation spot in Maine! Great ocean views, lots of sailing, excellent food, and no phones, faxes, e-mail, beepers: just pure relaxation. Mark your calendar - pack your bag - we're looking forward to sailing with you!

Designed only for windjamming and built for comfort, Angelique is swift, snug, safe. Her deep draft hull and full keel assure maximum stability even in a "blow". Her steel and wood construction combine the 21st-century's highest safety standards and the authenticity of classic 19th-century English Channel and North Sea windjammers. Angelique is different form most Maine windjammers; she is a gaff topsail ketch, not a schooner. Her distinctive tanbark sails distinguish her easily, as does her big fantail stern with its large overhang, and her relatively tall rig. She has an on-deck salon, allowing passengers to relax inside and still view the passing scene.

The Angelique at a Glance

Berths: 16 cabins / 31 berths
Crew: 7
Length: 130 Ft
Beam: 23.5 Ft
Draft: 11 Ft

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