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About the Schooner Victory Chimes
The magnificent Victory Chimes -- the only original three-masted schooner in the famed Maine Windjammer fleet -- is the last of her generation, a noble reminder of the Age of Sail. With her sails pulling for all they are worth in the freshening breeze, this proud vessel speeds through the water... no smoke, no dust, no noise... nothing but the music of wind and sea. Regal in repose -- majestic under sail -- the Victory Chimes is truly a legendary lady. For more than three decades, her name has been synonymous with Maine Windjamming.

Welcome aboard! Come experience all the peace and romance of this authentic, historic schooner while enjoying all her spaciousness and modern comforts. She is the largest passenger sailing vessel under the USA flag, yet the Victory Chimes accommodates just 40 guests. This means plenty of room for you on deck, in the main saloon, and in your cabin. The Victory Chimes offers hot, freshwater showers a few steps from your cabin, 110-volt electricity for your hair dryer or shaver, push-button toilets, and hot-air furnace. Even with such modern touches, however, the Victory Chimes remains a true windjammer, just as she was almost a century ago. Her only engine is in the powerful yawl boat, ready to give us a push when winds don't cooperate.

It is the most relaxing, restorative vacation you could imagine. Pack up your day-to-day cares and leave them on the dock--you won't miss them at all. You'll be much too busy savoring the simple pleasures of shipboard life: the time to read a good book, the tranquility to snooze in the warmth of the afternoon sun, the freedom to go wherever the wind takes us, the adventure of discovering a new harbor every evening. You'll find special places ashore, too, whether we're lying off an unspoiled island beach or a salty seafaring port.

On the Victory Chimes, passengers seem to get to know each other more easily than they might at a land-based resort. We think it's because the atmosphere is so restful, so conductive to chatting over breakfast or sharing the thrill of seeing a porpoise trace crescents above the waves. But there's also plenty of time and space for being quietly alone, simply gazing at the sea.

Don't worry about getting lax with your exercise regimen--unless you want to! Before or after the day's sail, you can swim, give your biceps a workout in the rowboat, go for a run, or take an energetic walk along the shore. If you're a sailing buff, or are eager to become one, the captain and crew will invite your help hoisting and lowering the sails. To hone your navigational skills, you can practice plotting our course with the compass and chart laid out just for passengers, or practice marlinspike seamanship with a crew member.

Once the anchor is down in the evening, we enjoy gathering on the main deck to toast the day. We provide the hors d'oeuvres, and you're welcome to bring soft drinks or spirits for your personal consumption (for safety and in consideration of other passengers, we of course cannot tolerate excessive drinking). We always look forward to dinner with great eagerness --what with the marvelous aromas coming from the galley, it's all we can do to wait until the brass bell is rung! You will feast on lobster and other unique hardy New England fare that our Chef prepares daily. All meals are included from fresh blueberry pancakes in the morning to homemade breads and desserts at lunch and dinner. After sharing in an informal sing-along or slipping away for a final look at the stars, it's time for a good night's sleep. You'll find you sleep like a baby and awaken refreshed, ready for a big breakfast! Both breakfast and dinner are served in the main saloon. Lunches are usually served on deck as we sail along.

The Schooner Victory Chimes at a Glance

Berths: 44
Crew: 9
Length: 170 Ft
Beam: 25 Ft
Draft: 7.5 feet to 18 feet with centerboard down Ft

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