Destination Area: Ocean Crossings
Length: 29 NIGHTS
Vessel: Eye of the Wind


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain on November 18, 2017


Marigot, Saint Martin on December 17, 2017

Fare per passenger is 2,990 Euros (+-$2,810.). Fare is all inclusive except for alcoholic beverages and transportation to and from the ship.

Call for air.

For more information call us toll free at 1-877-882-4395.

CROSSING THE NORTH ATLANTIC TO THE CARIBBEAN: 29 Night Voyage From Santa Cruze de Tenerife to Marigot, St. Martin

Eye of the Wind is a brig, with two masts carrying 8,000 square feet of tanbark sail. Built in 1911 in Germany, she went through a complete res ...

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  • Experience traditional seamanship in a 100 year old ship
  • Participate in the sailing operation if you choose to do so
  • Learn the fundamentals of tall ship sailing
  • Participate in basic deck work
  • Climb aloft furling sails
  • Take instructions from the crew guiding you through every process
  • Get involved with regular watch routines and friendly atmosphere on deck
  • Relax in sheer luxury in your air conditioned cabins
  • Mingle with the crew and fellow passengers. Enjoy the excellent gallery with culinary delights from morning til night
  • You'll be astounded at the architectural and landscape wonder of Santa Cruz de Tenerife's port
  • Spend time here to experience evocative/ brightly painted buildings/ sophisticated and quirky shops/ excellent museums and a tropical oasis of birdsong
  • Beaches are terrific
  • For those of you who have never crossed the ocean to St. Martin in 29-30 days you'll find it a thrill and a good time to catch up on your reading and getting to know your fellow passengers.

Crossing the North Atlantic to the Caribbean.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Crossing the Atlantic in approx. 30 Days

Marigot, Saint Martin

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