Destination Area: Mediterranean Sea
Length: 6 NIGHTS
Vessel: Eye of the Wind


Mahon, Menorca, Balearic, Spain on October 7, 2017


Mallorica Island, Spain on October 13, 2017

Fare per passenger is 1,200 Euros (+-$1,128.). Fare is all inclusive except for alcoholic beverages and transportation to and from the ship.

Call for air.

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Eye of the Wind is a brig, with two masts carrying 8,000 square feet of tanbark sail. Built in 1911 in Germany, she went through a complete res ...

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  • Experience traditional seamanship in a 100 year old ship
  • Participate in the sailing operation if you choose to do so
  • Learn the fundamentals of tall ship sailing
  • Participate in basic deck work
  • Climb aloft furling sails
  • Take instructions from the crew guiding you through every process
  • Get involved with regular watch routines and friendly atmosphere on deck
  • Relax in sheer luxury in your air conditioned cabins
  • Mingle with the crew and fellow passengers. Enjoy the excellent gallery with culinary delights from morning til night
  • You'll arrive on the sun bleached shores of Menorca or Ibiza and notice the drop in "noise" and you will hear bird songs and the splash of waves on the rough shore
  • Go to Anglo-Spanish Mao and the medina-like Ciutadella- delightfully low key
  • Visit the white sand bays that periodically appear along the vast coastline
  • Explore sheltered coves/ limestone mountains and Roman and Moorish remains in Mallorca
  • Visit stone built villages
  • Spend time at the beach.

Island exploration in the Mediterranean - Sailing around and to islands around Mahon and Mallorca.

Mahon, Menorca, Balearic, Spain
You can see why Lord Nelson choose Mahon, Menorca as the base for the British Mediterranean fleet during the Napoleonic Wars. Imagine dozens of ships of the line, being fitted out for battle in this historic harbor. Reminders of those times can still be seen in the gracious Georgian buildings that climb the steep hills backing the Moll Ponent. Mahon's heritage also includes the invention of mayonnaise and the first distillation of gin from juniper berries.

At sea

Mallorica Island, Spain
Mallorca (also known as Majorca) is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean, and is the largest and the most popular of the Baleares (Balearic) Islands with Palma de Mallorca as its capital city. The island is well-known for its purpose built resorts and package holidays. Majorca, with a hard 'j', is a place invented by foreigners, where the sun always shines, the beer flows and the nearest you get to local culture is an argument with a taxi-driver. Mallorca, the local name for the island, is quite different and far more complex. Stunning scenery for hiking, cycling and golf; luxury hotels and hip hideaways; superb marinas, boats, and sailing; top restaurants, tapas bars and food; great nightlife and bars; amazing villas.

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