Destination Area: Mediterranean Sea
Length: 7 NIGHTS
Vessel: Eye of the Wind


Salerno, Italy on September 9, 2017


Olbia, Sardinia on September 16, 2017

Fare per passenger is 1,400 Euros (+-$1,316.). Fare is all inclusive except for alcoholic beverages and transportation to and from the ship.

Call for air.

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Eye of the Wind is a brig, with two masts carrying 8,000 square feet of tanbark sail. Built in 1911 in Germany, she went through a complete res ...

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  • Experience traditional seamanship in a 100 year old ship
  • Participate in the sailing operation if you choose to do so
  • Learn the fundamentals of tall ship sailing
  • Participate in basic deck work
  • Climb aloft furling sails
  • Take instructions from the crew guiding you through every process
  • Get involved with regular watch routines and friendly atmosphere on deck
  • Relax in sheer luxury in your air conditioned cabins
  • Mingle with the crew and fellow passengers. Enjoy the excellent gallery with culinary delights from morning til night
  • Palermo is the capital of Sicily
  • Visit the 12th century Palermo Cathedral housing royal tombs and the huge neoclassical Teatro Massimo known for opera performances
  • Go to the busy markets including the central Ballaro Street Market near the port
  • As you stroll around Palermo notice its charm especially around its vibrant "centro storico" where medieval churches share space with neighborhood trattorias/ neon lit wine bars and trendy tattoo parlors
  • Look beyond the industrial outskirts of Olbia and you'll find an historic center crammed with boutiques
  • wine bars and cafe-rimmed piazzas.

Tyrrhenian Sea and Sardinia's Emerald Coast - Sailing northwest in the Terrhenian Sea to Olbia in the northeast corner of Sardinia.

Salerno, Italy
Salerno, one of the most beautiful cities in the south of Italy, is situated along the inlet of the Tyrrenian Sea on the Gulf of Salerno. Cultured and refined, the old city is a web of alleyways and grand palaces.

The Cathedral, known as 'Duomo', is the pride of the city (built c.1085) and is dedicated to the patron saint, St Matthew. On the right side of the Duomo atrium you can see a 12th century bell-tower. Also of interest is the medieval aqueduct, built in the 9th century and later reinforced by the Normans around 1000.

Take a walk along pleasant streets to window shop in elegant boutiques, and enjoy the passing scene at one of the quiet cafes. Via Dei Mercanti, the old artery of commerce, is crossed by Via Del Duomo where, situated on the right side, is the magnificent Church of St George and adjacent is the cathedral.

There is an abundance of restaurants in town, but an ideal place for a snack and a drink is down on the promenade Lungomare Trieste. Adorned with palms, it is a beautiful spot to admire the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the south of Italy.

At sea

Olbia, Sardinia
Olbia is an ancient port city founded by the Greeks, according to local legend, as early as the 8th century BC. It contains ruins from Phoenician and Carthaginian settlements, as well as from the Roman Era, when it was an important port, and from the Middle Ages, when it was the capital of one of the four independent states of Sardinia. The name "Olbia" means "happy town", even though the city's past has been quite difficult. Olbia was destroyed and reconstructed several times throughout its history.

Be sure to see the Romanesque ex-cathedral of San Simplicio, dating from the 11th century AD. The church was built in three different phases over a Roman Necropolis, the remains of memorial tablets are still visible inside the church. Olbia has also become famous because of the recent discovery of 24 ship wrecks, two of them from the age of Nero and another 16 from the 5th century A.D. The remaining six come from the Judicial period. The wrecks were found during the construction of a new road tunnel.

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