Destination Area: Ocean Crossings
Length: 16 NIGHTS
Vessel: Picton Castle


Bermuda on June 2, 2017


Boston, Massachusetts on June 18, 2017

Fare for this voyage (LEG #1) is $2,600. Canadian dollars per passenger which starts in Bermuda and ends in Boston. LEG #2 starts in Boston and ends in Summerside, PEI, Canada for $2,150. Canadian dollars per passenger. LEG #3 starts in Summerside, PEI, Canada and ends in Quebec City, Canada for $3,100. Canadian dollars per passenger.LEG #3A starts in Summerside and ends in Baie Comeau, Quebec for $2,300. Canadian dollars per passenger. LEG #3B starts in Baie Comeau and ends in Quebec City for $1,100.Canadian dollars per passenger. LEG #4 starts in Quebec City and ends in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia for $2,600. Canadian dollars per passenger. LEG #5 starts in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia and ends in Digby, Nova Scotia for $1,700. Canadian dollars per passenger. LEG #6 starts in Digby, Nova Scotia and ends in Lunenbourg, Nova Scotia for $2,000. Canadian dollars per passenger.

The above fares are all inclusive including sail training and land excursions.

Call for air fare.

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NOTE: If you wish to continue your voyage to the next leg or more (listed below), please call. Leg #6, the final leg, ends in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada on August 27th.

The barque Picton Castle is a traditionally rigged and operated deep water sail training vessel. She typically undertakes long ocean passages, and ha ...

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  • Become acquainted with your fellow passengers
  • captain and crew
  • Learn what it is to work a tall ship
  • Go aloft to set & furl sail
  • Practice navigation
  • Take your turn at the helm
  • Stand watches
  • Maintain the ship underway
  • Attend workshops on celestial navigation and other sailing skills
  • While in Boston take the time to learn about its history.

LEG #1 This voyage starts at the Atlantic island of Bermuda, the historic port for British ships.

The first few days in Bermuda will be spent on training and orientation preparing the ship and crew for this voyage. You will meet your shipmates and start to learn the ways of the ship. When the captain decides that everything and everyone is shipshape you will head in a northwesterly direction to Boston.

Marine geologists say that 100 million years ago, this hook-shaped chain of little islands was part of the lip of a huge volcano, now long dormant. The submarine mount on which Bermuda is perched rises 15,000 feet from the bottom of the sea. That part that is above the surface of the sea is surrounded by a wide platform of underwater coral reefs that protect the island from stormy weather. This shallow platform gives the inshore seas amazing colors – stunning blues and greens. Blessed with a temperate climate and magnificent pink sand beaches Bermuda sits like a tiny atoll in the mid-Atlantic.

Bermuda waters were well known for more than their beauty to the earliest navigators who had business in the New World. The reefs were deadly to ships that ventured too close, and the wreckage of scores of ships dot the outer reefs. Early seamen called Bermuda "Isle of Devils" for that reason. The name comes from a Spaniard, Juan de Bermudez, who paid a call in 1503. But the island remained uninhabited, despite visits by Spanish and English ships, until more than a century later.

It wasn’t until a hurricane blew a British ship called the Sea Venture onto the reefs in 1609 that a settlement was begun. The Sea Venture, which was commanded by Admiral Sir George Somers, was on her way to the New World settlement at Jamestown, Virginia, with settlers and supplies. Although most of the settlers continued on their way in a vessel they built while they were stranded on Bermuda, there have been people living on the island since that visit, and Bermuda’s character as a British colony was established.

13 Days at Sea
Open ocean sailing - the opportunity to practice seamanship, learn navigation, and enjoy working the ship.

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, the capital and largest city in Massachusetts, and one of the oldest cities in the United States, is the economic and cultural center of New England. The city proper has a population over 600 thousands, and anchors the larger metropolitan area of Greater Boston with a population over 4 million people.

Puritan colonists from England founded the city in 1630. During the American Revolution Boston was the scene of several historic events, including the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill,and the battles of Lexington and Concord. With land reclamation, Boston expanded beyond Beacon Hill and the Shawmut peninsula, to build the classic mid-19th century residential neighborhood known as Back Bay.

After independence, Boston became a major port and manufacturing center. The city is the site of several firsts, including America's first public school - Boston Latin School, the first college - Harvard College, in neighboring Cambridge, and the first subway system in the United States.

Boston is a center of higher education With many colleges and universities in the city and surrounding area, and a center for medicine, with renown hospitals, medical schools and biotechnology companies. Boston is home to many cultural institutions, including Symphony Hall & the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, the mother church of Christian Science, the iconic Richardson Romanesque Trinity Church, and of course the Red Sox, and the Public Garden's beloved Swan Boats.

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