Destination Area: Ocean Crossings
Length: 9 NIGHTS
Vessel: Ponant


Praia, Cape Verde on November 25, 2017


Fort de France (Martinique) on December 4, 2017

Fares begin at $2,150. per passenger, double occupancy. Gratuities included in the fare are: ground transportation and limited guided tours, all meals on land and at sea, daily cocktail hour, all day soft drinks and wine with dinner aboard ship.

Call for air.

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OCEAN CROSSING FROM CAPE VERDE TO MARTINIQUE: 9 Night Sea Crossing From Praia, Santiago to Fort de France, Martinique

Le Ponant is an exclusive, modern, luxury vessel, a three-masted schooner accommodating just 64 guests. She was built in France in 1991, speci ...

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  • Relax on deck
  • Get acquainted with the captain
  • crew and fellow passengers
  • Keep fit in the sauna and pool
  • Learn basic navigation and ship handling.

A non-stop ocean crossing. 8.5 days at sea.

Praia, Cape Verde

7 Days at Sea
Sailing the briny deep with no port stops for seven days

Fort de France (Martinique)
Fort de France is the capital of France's Caribbean overseas territory of Martinique. It is also one of the major cities in the Caribbean with it's busy commercial center and historic fort mentioned above.

Fort de France has a lot of history dating back to 1638 when the first fort was build. It was subsequently battered with military mite then rebuilt in 1669. A series of volcanic eruptions destroyed part of the area only to be rebuild to what you see today. Most sailing vessels pass by since there is not much to see other than what you see from your ship.

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