Destination Area: Atlantic Coast, Europe
Length: 17 NIGHTS
Vessel: Tecla


Isafjordur, Iceland on August 17, 2017


Reykjavik, Iceland on September 3, 2017

Fare is 2,755 Euros (+- $3,085.)per passenger for ages 15-25 and 3,240 Euros (+- $3,628. per passenger for adults. All meals and soft drinks are included.

Call for air.

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CROSSING THE GREENLAND SEA BEFORE ICE SETTLES IN: 17 Night Voyage From Isafjordur to Reykjavik, Iceland

Tecla is a sturdy, ocean-going, steel-hulled ketch, gaff-rigged and flying topsails on both masts. She was built in Holland in 1915 as a fishin ...

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  • If you wish stand watch
  • Take your turn at the helm
  • Gain your sea legs for this 24-30 hour crossing to Greenland
  • Practice navigation
  • Go aloft to set and strike sails
  • Peel spuds in the galley
  • Take amazing photographs
  • Bring your binoculars
  • Enjoy whale watching and seeing the absolute beauty of the largest fjord in the world.

This is your last chance to get to Greenland before ice in the Greenland Sea closes in. You head directly to Greenland, bypassing Hornstrandir, with one week planned in Scoresbysund to explore one of the deepest fjords in the world. You will see Narwals feeding in the calm waters and Muskox living on the green patches that sprout from underneath the snow and ice caps. Your voyage will take you along the west coast of Iceland with possible stops (weather permitting)- finishing in Reykjvik.

Isafjordur, Iceland
Ísafjörður is a town in the Westfjords region of northwest Iceland. It's known for its dramatic landscapes. The old town has wooden houses with corrugated tin roofs built by fishing merchants in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Westfjords Heritage Museum has exhibits on the town’s maritime history, including a collection of old fishing boats. The old hospital, now a cultural center, contains archives and photography.

Greenland Sea (sail into)

Sail one night & one day

Scoresbysund, Greenland
Scoresby Sund is the largest fjord system in the world. The winding extension of the Greenland Sea stretches 110 km or 68 miles into the eastern coast of Greenland. The tree-like structure of the Sund then branches into a massive system of fjords, Along this route, majestic peaks will greet you, rising thousands of meters from the sea. Taking in the horizon you will see endless rows of icebergs, carved into incredible geometric shapes by the wind and water. You will be surrounded by massive glaciers in all directions.Scoresby Sund is an adventure of enormous proportions, everywhere your eyes take you. English explorer William Scoresby felt first sailed into the Sund to chart its magnificent structure in 1822. A region this rich in natural beauty is not without abundant and equally fascinating wildlife. Sailing past rolling hills, you can spot herds of musk oxen grazing. Other animals include the Arctic fox, the Arctic hare and lemming.

Sail one night & one day

Sailing the west coast of Iceland w/ a few stops - weather permitting

Sailing west coast of Iceland to Reykjavik

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