Destination Area: Ocean Crossings
Length: 34 NIGHTS
Vessel: Oosterschelde


Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 29, 2017


Le Havre, France (disembark) on September 1, 2017

All fare costs are for a single passenger. Fare for a 2 person cabin is 3,910 Euros (+-$4,220 USD.) Fare for a 4 person cabin is 3,230 Euros (+- $3,570 USD.). Fare includes all meals, snacks and soft drinks.

Embark by 5 PM; disembark by 9 AM.

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ATLANTIC CROSSING RACE FROM NOVA SCOTIA TO FRANCE - You will join many other tall ships: 33 Night Race From Halifax, Nova Scotia to Le Havre, France

Oosterschelde is a beautiful three-masted Dutch topsail schooner, built in 1917 to carry cargo to international destinations. She was fully re ...

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  • Help the crew to prepare the ship for racing across the Atlantic with stiff competition from other tall ships
  • Check all rigging to make sure it is in good shape
  • Set and trim sails
  • Learn navigation options to Le Havre
  • Watch other ships along the way
  • Take a turn at the helm
  • Stand watch alongside the professional crew
  • Participate in general ship maintenance
  • Experience one of the most exciting ocean ventures on one of the best training ships in the world
  • Notice dolphins/ porpoise and whales keeping you company along the way BUT keep your eyes on the sails and compass.

You will be under sail the entire trip competing with other tall ships. Participating in this race requires a big effort from all persons to get the most out of Oosterschelde. Competition will be stiff.

Halifax, Nova Scotia (embark)

Racing across the Atlantic to France

Le Havre, France (disembark)
Le Havre de Grâce was founded in 1517 by King François I on the right bank of the Seine estuary. Essentially a military port, and also with fishing and trading activity, Le Havre was made a naval base in the 17th century. From this point le Havre grew and became known as France's Gateway to the Ocean. During the 2nd World War, le Havre was the French city which sustained the most severe damage. It was also the city which was best rebuilt after the war.

Auguste Perret, one of the greatest architects of that period was responsible for the reconstruction. Le Havre (Auguste Perret), as well as Chandigarh (Le Corbusier), and Brasilia (Niemeyer), are among the world's few cities associated with a great architect.

Le Havre is home to the André Malraux Museum, which offers a comprehensive overview of European painting from the 17th century to the present (including French, Flemish and Dutch painters). Particular emphasis is placed on the late 19th century and early 20th century periods. The collection includes works of Dufy, Eugène Boudin, and Monet.

In the middle of the 19th century, Le Havre was the leading French port for whaling and the construction of whaling ships. The city's Maritime Museum enables visitors to explore the historical roles of whaling and ship building in le Havre.

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