Destination Area: Atlantic Coast, Europe
Length: 21 NIGHTS
Vessel: Tecla


Ullapool, Scotland on May 10, 2017


Reykjavik, Iceland on May 31, 2017

Fare is 2,995 Euros (+- $3,354.)per passenger for ages 15-25 and 3,520 Euros (+- $3,942. per passenger for adults. All meals and soft drinks are included.

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Tecla is a sturdy, ocean-going, steel-hulled ketch, gaff-rigged and flying topsails on both masts. She was built in Holland in 1915 as a fishin ...

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  • If you wish stand watch
  • Take your turn at the helm
  • Practice navigation
  • Go aloft to set and strike sails
  • Peel spuds in the galley
  • Take amazing photographs
  • Bring your binoculars.

In search of Viking remains you will leave Ullapool on a course north to Stornoway, Orkney Islands and then on to the Shetland Islands. Fair Isle is the first stop then on to Foula or the mainland of the Shetlands. Your next stop will be 24 hours to the Faroe Islands then later on to Reykjavik, your final destination. You will see a lot of unspoiled nature and take amazing walks.

Ullapool, Scotland
The picturesque fishing town of Ullapool on the shores of Lochbroom, is a gateway to the Northern Highlands, and a wonderful holiday destination. Located in one of the UK's most unspoiled natural environments, the town offers a wealth of things to see and do. Hiking in the area includes mountains, rocky coasts and long inland footpaths, including many of the finest Highland summits. The town is a great base for exploring the surrounding countryside and touring remote & beautiful Wester Ross, the Highlands and Inverness just an hour’s drive south.

Stornoway, Orkney Islands, Scotland
Stornoway is a town on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides or Western Isles of Scotland. It is an important port and the major town and administrative center of the Outer Hebrides.

Shetland Islands
Shetland Islands are a sub-arctic archipelago of Scotland that lies northeast of mainland Britain.

Shetland is a natural world where wildlife is truly wild, where you can watch otters and seals at play, and where the air is filled with the sound of seabirds crowding high cliffs in huge, noisy colonies. In addition, Shetland has a unique culture as you would expect for an isolated island colony. It has been inhabited for more that 6,000 years and sits on the North Atlantic crossroads. 6,00 years of human history have endowed the islands with some of the finest archaeological sites in Europe. Viking period remains and the design of many more recent buildings. Links with Norway remain strong today.

Fair Isle, Scotland

Foula, Scotland

Faroe Islands, Scotland
The Faroe or Faeroe Islands are 18 islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway. The Islands have a population of nearly 50,000, and a language and culture of their own. When visiting the Faroes you are never more than 5km (3 miles) away from the ocean. The countryside is dominated by steep mountains and there are about 70,000 sheep and some 2 million pairs of seabirds, including the largest colony of storm petrels in the world. The Faroe Islands are undeniably beautiful: green, rugged and wind-swept. One of the main reasons that people visit the Faroe Islands is the incredible nature and scenery. The Faroe Islands turn extraordinarily green during the summertime. The fresh air, the deep blue ocean, the vertical sea cliffs and the green mountains with their picturesque valleys, is something which would amaze anyone who enjoys being surrounded by nature. For generations the locals have lived off the land and the animals that are on the islands as not much grows in this climate.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, is the country's capital and largest city. It's home to the National and Saga museums, tracing Iceland’s Viking history. The striking concrete Hallgrimskirkja church and rotating Perlan glass dome offer sweeping views of the sea and nearby hills. Exemplifying the island’s volcanic activity is the geothermal Blue Lagoon spa, near the village of Grindavik.

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