Destination Area: Caribbean Ocean/Gulf Of Mexico
Length: 6 NIGHTS
Vessel: Sagitta


Tortola, British Virgin Islands on April 22, 2018


Tortola, BVI (return) on April 28, 2018

Fare starts at $2,400.per person for a double occupancy cabin; $2,100.per person for a single occupancy cabin.

Voyage is all inclusive (soft drinks, dinner wine/beer and a rum punch, port charges/taxes).

Call for round trip air fare and advance booking discount.

Please board no later than noon on the day of departure.

For more information call us toll free at 1-877-882-4395.

SOLO SOJOURN SINGLES VOYAGE - SAILING AROUND THE VIRGIN ISLANDS 6 Night, Round Trip Voyage From Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Solo Sojourn cruises are exclusively for Solo Sailors like you. Comfortable in your own skin, you enjoy unencumbered travel, good food, exploring new destinations, learning about different cultures, and meeting like-minded active travelers. No couples, no children, no one to please or keep up with but yourself! Travelling on your own terms is liberating and fun

The graceful and spacious three-masted Sagitta is a sturdy steel-hulled ship. Rebuilt for 22 guests and crew, she offers 10 double cabins with ...

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  • Enjoy visiting numerous islands in the British Virgin Islands
  • Go ashore to swim/ snorkel and eat in good restaurants
  • Relax at sea while you head south
  • Enjoy Tortola which features several white sandy beaches including Cane Garden Bay and Smuggler's Cove
  • Snorkel at "The Caves" of Norman Island
  • At Jost Van Dyke explore vegetation covered sugar mills/ old trails
  • Observe whales and dolphins

Sailing in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Visit a selection of the islands listed below

Tortola, British Virgin Islands
This island is the largest of the British Virgins and as British as Pusser's Rum. Tortola is crowned with peaks rising into the clouds, including Sage Mountain tropical rain forest. Roadtown is the charter boat capital of the world. Tortola is a favorite of yachtsman for all its sheltered bays and anchorages. The famous Bomba Shack offers dancing and good cheer.

Jost Van Dyke, BVI
This island, westernmost of the British Virgins, is home of White Bay beach, the Soggy Dollar Bar, and Foxy's, the quintessential island watering hole. Named after a Dutch pirate, Jost Van Dyke has a sleepy Caribbean air and is less developed than other islands in the British Virgins. It is a favorite of party-happy yachting folks who stop for music, dancing & tropical drinks.

Norman Island, British Virgin Islands
Norman Island is reputed to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Legend has it that pirate treasure is buried at a natural formation called the Indians, which are half-submerged rocks forming an underwater labyrinth for divers and snorkelers. The island is deserted but for a few seabirds, several footpaths, and the Billy Bones bar. One trail leads to Spy Glass Hill, a challenging half-hour hike rewarding you with fantastic views. Pirates once used this lookout to spot Spanish Galleons returning home with gold and treasure.

Salt Island, British Virgin Islands
Salt Island, named for the salt works that produce the BVI’s yearly levi to the British Crown, where, before the days of refrigeration, salt was harvested from two large ponds for curing local fish and for sale to passing ships. Salt Island's only resident, Norwell Durant, still harvests salt in the old way just as his ancestors did. He welcomes visitors to the island to learn about salt harvesting. The remains of the "RMS Rhone", a 310-foot Royal Mail Ship wrecked on rocks off Salt Island in 1867 have become a favorite dive site with fascnating marine life inhabiting the wreck.

Cooper's Island, British Virgin Islands
Cooper Island has a diversity of activities available to include snorkeling sites, water sports, and sample traditional Caribbean cuisine.

Most of the dive sites in the BVI are located near the island chain known as “Little Sisters,” which includes Cooper Island, along with Dead Chest, Ginger Island, Norman Island, Pelican Island, Peter Island, and Salt Island. You can expect to see a wide array of marine life from a myriad of tropical reef fishes to sea turtles and spotted eagle rays.

You will encounter the amazing wildlife of Cooper Island, such as hummingbirds, hermit crabs, lizards and pelicans.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
When you think of Virgin Gorda, you think The Baths - one of the Caribbean's natural wonders, a spectacular formation of gigantic boulders, creating grottoes and caves that you can explore on foot. The island is home for the famous resort of Little Dix Bay, as well as the Bitter End Yacht Club.

Tortola, BVI (return)
Tortola is the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands, a group of islands that form part of the archipelago of the islands.

Experience the wonders of this island and explore ancient ruins, local cuisine, swim or stroll white sand beaches. There are many bays for snorkeling among the reefs.

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