Destination Area: Ocean Crossings
Length: 16 NIGHTS
Vessel: Royal Clipper


Lisbon, Portugal on November 23, 2017


Bridgetown, Barbados on December 9, 2017

Prices start at $2,290.per person, double occupancy. Port charge is $200. per passenger.

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OCEAN VOYAGE- SAILING SOUTH FROM PORTUGAL IN THE ATLANTIC TO THE CARIBBEAN TO BARBADOS: 16 Night Transatlantic Voyage From Lisbon, Portugal to Bridgetown, Barbados

The flagship of Star Clippers' line, The Royal Clipper is the largest full-rigged sailing ship in the world and the only five-masted full-rigged ship ...

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  • Allow ample time to see as much as you can in Lisbon before boarding your ship
  • Buy pottery of all shapes and sizes in Safi
  • People watch here
  • If time permits take a trip through the desert to the 11th century city of Marrakesh outside Casablanca
  • In Tenerife excursions visit the 200 year old botanical gardens and the world's largest collection of parrots in Loro Parque
  • Take island tours in Barbados to see estates and plantation homes in the countryside.

Sailing south from Portugal in the Atlantic to the Caribbean to Barbados.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, the dazzling city that stretches along the banks of the Tagus, is an enchanting capital. There is the fortress around which the city originally sprang up, and which is now circled by neighborhoods drenched with medieval charm. Everywhere are fine monuments that bring to mind the great Age of Discoveries, and picturesque houses whose facades are decked with ornate ceramic tiles. As the dusk turns to night, the yellow electric tramcars continue to wind their way up and down the hills of the old capital, while the sound of traditional Fado folk songs enlivens many a candle-lit dinner table in restaurant or home. But the capital also provides ample opportunity for seeing popular celebrations, for shopping, and for enjoying the nightlife along the riverbanks. With the port and marinas situated nearby, water sports are a natural attraction too.

One of Europe’s smallest capital cities, Lisbon is for many, one of it most beguiling – an easily accessible mix of new and old worlds. Elegant outdoor cafés line Lisbon’s mosaic cobblestone sidewalks along grand 18th-century boulevards. Turn-of-the-century funiculars dot its steep hills. Two-thirds of the city was leveled in a 1755 earthquake, but in its churches, peeling buildings, tiny alleyways, hidden squares, you can still feel the glorious past.

At Sea

Casablanca, Morocco
Long before Ingrid Bergman and Bogie made Casablanca a symbol for romance, the city was famous for intrigue and mystery. Veiled by overlapping mantles of French, Arabian and African culture, Casablanca reveals new faces at every turn. The enormous Hassan II Mosque (holding 70,000 worshippers) is the new Morocco, while the fanciful Mauresque buildings in the Medina impart visions of pre-war Casablanca.

Safi, Morocco
While today, Safi is a modern port, housing fishing and diversified industry, the old town which lies within the city is still very much alive. Here you might be tempted to buy pottery, seeing all shapes and patterns in a lot of shops, but then you are in one of the best places in Morocco for pottery. There are plenty of opportunities to walk around and watch artisans working on their pottery. When you have been in places like Moulay Idriss you will have seen the beautiful covering on the roofs, made out of green tiles. Safi is the place where the tiles are produced.

At Sea

Tenerife, Canary Islands (disembark)

At Sea

Barbados is an island, northeast of Venezuela and about 100 miles into the Atlantic Ocean. It is an island nation located towards the east of the Caribbean Sea and in the west of the Atlantic Ocean, part of the eastern islands of the Lesser Antilles, with the nations of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines being its closest neighbors.

The picturesque island of Tortola offers pristine white-sand beaches, lush green mountains, and sheltered yacht-filled harbors.

The dramatic shape of the island Virgin Gorda reminded Christopher Columbus of a reclining woman, so he named it Virgin Gorda, the "Fat Virgin".

Named the “Drowned Land” by the Spanish, Anegada is the only coral island in the volcanic BVI chain.

Home to fewer than 300 inhabitants, Jost Van Dyke is rich in folklore and renowned to be one of the most friendly and welcoming islands.

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