Destination Area: Atlantic Coast, Europe
Length: 7 NIGHTS
Vessel: Wind Surf


Lisbon, Portugal on October 28, 2017


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain on November 4, 2017

Discounted fares start at $2,699. per passenger, double occupancy. Advance booking discounts and free shore excursions may be available.

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Wind Surf is the largest ship in our fleet, and among the most luxurious. Suites are twice the size of standard cabins, and all cabins have a ...

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  • Explore Casablanca's ancient city center and the medina
  • Relax in the tropical mood
  • Explore quiet beaches
  • Sample fine wines
  • Soak up the Spanish culture of one of the world's treasured places.

From the dazzle of the Casbah to the tropical serenity of the Canary Islands, this voyage is a perfect blend of indulgences.

Lisbon, Portugal
The capital of Portugal since its conquest from the Moors in 1147, Lisbon is a legendary city with over 20 centuries of history. Spreading out along the right bank of the Taugus, its downtown, the Baixa, is located in the 18th century area around Rossio. The Alfama, one of the oldest quarters in Lisbon, still retains much of its original layout since it largely survived the earthquake of 1755.

Casablanca, Morocco
The center of Casablanca is fairly impressive. It's brand new & modern, with big, lively boulevards, high, white, well-kept buildings. And it's clean and efficient. People visiting Casablanca as their first city in Northern Africa, could easily end up confused: There are few things here confirming the newcomers conception of the old Morocco. But for people having visited other parts of Morocco first, Casablanca is great! The city is modern in a Moroccan way, and an excellent example of the Moroccans capacity for taking charge of the future of their country.

Agadir, Morroco
The mild winter climate (January average midday temperature 20.5°C/69°F) and good beaches have made Agadir a major "winter sun" destination for Northern Europeans.

Agadir is an important fishing and commercial port. It is also a seaside resort with a long sandy beach. Because of its large buildings, wide roads, modern hotels, and European-style cafés, Agadir is not a typical city of traditional Morocco, but it is a modern, busy and dynamic town.

Lanzarote, Spain
Lanzarote is different, not only compared to the other islands, but to everything else on this planet. This extraordinary landscape seems to be of another world, and the inhabitants of the islands use to say that God forgot Lanzarote on the Seventh Day of the Creation.

Lanzarote is of volcanic origin, as the other islands of the archipelago as well, but here volcanoes have been active still in 18th and 19th century. Great parts of its surface are covered with ashes and lava, making you feel that you were on the moon.

Anyhow, Lanzarote's inhabitants made a great effort to cultivate this land, and today you find large plantations of fruits and vegetables. Most surprising is perhaps the region of Geria, with vineyards between volcanic craters.

Not to forget about are also the works of great Canadian architect and artist Cesar Manrique, adding more attractions to this unique island.

La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
La Palma is one of the smaller Canaries, known for its scenery and peaceful atmosphere. "La Isla Bonita" is also called the "flower island."

San Sebastian de la Gomera, Spain
Made up of farmlands interlaced with mountains and a residential setting, the port of this town is also located along the beach.

The port of San Sebastian de la Gomera also serves as a ferry for some of the other islands located within the Canary Island group.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

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