Destination Area: Caribbean Ocean/Gulf Of Mexico
Length: 6 NIGHTS
Vessel: Vela


St. Lucia on December 3, 2017


St. Lucia (return) on December 9, 2017

All fares are per person. Call for single occupancy. Fares begin at $2,125. for a double occupancy cabin; $2,425. for a single occupancy cabin.

Fare includes all meals, port charges and complimentary beer, wine and rum punch.

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SAILING AROUND THE WINDWARD ISLANDS: 6 Night, Round Trip Voyage From St. Lucia

Vela is a stately three-masted, gaff-rigged, square topsail schooner, with 8,500 square feet of canvas pulling when her 14 sails all are set. ...

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  • St. Lucia is a nature lover's paradise
  • The dueling Piton peaks serve as an inspiring landmark for sailors
  • You'll have a chance to visit waterfalls/ hot springs/ botanical gardens and the world's only 'drive-in' volcano
  • Hiking boots are what you'll need for trekking tails through the Rainforest Preserve- a favorite for bird watchers
  • The forest is loaded with wild orchids/ giant ferns and towering stands of bamboo
  • People say that the 'Nature Island' is the only Caribbean island that Columbus would recognize today
  • Virgin rain forests stand proud and tall
  • Waterfalls cascade from glorious heights where birds fill the forest with color and song
  • Stroll around Mayreau to see the tiny village and a quaint old church
  • Get your peace and tranquility here
  • Experience some of the best snorkeling in the world at Tobago Cays
  • The archipelago (5 islands) is studded with sponges and coral formations
  • In St. Vincent you will notice that the island is uncluttered by tourists exploitation; white sandy beaches on deserted islands and barely a soul around.

Sailing around the Windward Islands.

See list of islands below.

St. Lucia
This island is a nature lover's paradise. Here, the dueling Piton peaks serve as an inspiring landmark for sailors. You'll have a chance to visit waterfalls, hot springs, botanical gardens, and the world's only 'drive-in' volcano. Hiking boots are what you'll need for trekking tails through the Rainforest Preserve, a favorite for bird watchers. The forest is loaded with wild orchids, giant ferns and towering stands of bamboo.

Bequía, Grenadines
Pretty as a picture describes our beloved Bequia. You’ll be captivated by the island’s charm while strolling along the lovely harbor with its shops, restaurants, and pastel-painted gingerbread homes. There’s a long tradition of boat building and you’ll find a slew of handcrafted model ships, old nautical charts, and rare sailing books to bring back home.

Mayreau, Grenadine Islands
The island of Mayreau is a true break from reality, with only one road, virtually no development, and farm animals outnumbering the inhabitants. One of the Grenadines, in the larger chain of Windward Islands, it has beautiful beaches, and plenty of solitude. View it as your own private island.

Tobago Cays (St. Vincent & Grenadines)
The five small islands of the Tobago Cays are an archipelago with extensive coral reefs located in the Southern Grenadines, and make up the Tobago Cays Marine Park. These uninhabited cays offer heavenly lagoons with green turtles, colorful fishes and crystal clear waters.

Young Island, Grenadines
Young Island is an exotic private island resort in the Grenadines, adjacent to St. Vincent. The tiny island, just 25 acres, is covered with tropical flowering plants, palm trees, and lots of green foliage. The white sand beach extending part way around the island is lined with cottages and beach huts. If you have the chance, stop at the famous Coconut Bar.

St. Vincent Island
St. Vincent glimmers like an emerald in the sea. A boat ride along the coast is the best way to appreciate the island’s volcanic origins; and visit the Falls of Baleine, a breath taking waterfall that spills from a mass of foliage into a rockbound pool. Kingstown, the capital, is an 18th century town worth exploring. A walking tour begins at the docks and leads to the farmers’ market (Saturday mornings), past shops, restaurants, and old churches. Beachcombers will find beautiful black sand on the leeward side, proof of the island’s volcanic birth. Its botanical gardens are the oldest in the hemisphere.

St. Lucia (return)
Return to port.

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