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About the Europa
The bark Europa is well known by blue water sailors. She has sailed in tall ships races in the Atlantic & Pacific oceans, and even in the Great Lakes. This fall & winter she will undertake her third expedition to Antarctica. She has completed the most difficult of deepwater passages, sailing 'round Cape Horn. With 30 sails, including studding sails (one of very few vessels still carrying these traditional clipper ship sails)she hoists virtual clouds of canvas.

Built in 1911, she was completely renovated in 1994 in Amsterdam, is flagged in Holland, classified as an Ocean Going Special Purpose Sail Training Vessel, and complies with international safety codes for world-wide deep sea sailing.

Below decks her 12 cabins (two 2-berth, six 4-berth and four 6-berth)are complete with ensuite showers and toilets. Your berth is cozy with soft duvet sheets - no sleeping bags required. You will feel at home with a classic wood-paneled interior, and accommodations including library, messroom, deck lounge & bar, and even a ship's hospital. Your food is prepared by Europa's professional galley staff, and include three delicious meals per day, warm snacks, and coffee & tea.

As Europa's Captain likes to say, "She is powered by canvas and cooperation." No previous sailing experience is required. Your professional crew will teach you square-rigged seamanship. You will learn steering, watch standing, navigation & sail handling, and actually sail Europa yourself. This is a true bluewater adventure, both challenging and rewarding, an experience you will never forget, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a crew member on a traditional sailing ship. You will sail to some of the most remote areas of the world, observe rare marine life, view historic sites and learn the cultures of the peoples you visit. Your shipmates will be from many countries and of all ages. Come roam the seas of the world aboard Europa.

The Europa at a Glance

Berths: 12 Cabins, 48 Berths
Crew: 14
Length: 185 feet Ft
Beam: 24 feet Ft
Draft: 12 feet Ft

3 week Antarctica Expedition    
Crossing the South Atlantic to Cape Town    
24 Day Ocean Voyage, Cape Town to Ascension Is.    
33 Day Ocean Passage, Ascension Island to Horta    
Five Day Tall Ships Challenge Voyage    
5-Night Great Lakes Voyage with Tall Ships Race    
3-Night Voyage with Tall Ship Race on Lake Huron    
Nine Night Cruise in Company in Lake Superior    
Six Nights with Tall Ship Race from Duluth    
Five Nights Cruise in Company with the Tall Ships    
Five Night Voyage with Tall Ships Race    
3- Night Voyage on Lake Michigan to Chicago    
19/21 Night Great Lakes/ St. Lawrence    
36 Night Ocean Voyage, Equator Crossing    
27 Night Ocean Passage to Tierra del Fuego    
Ocean Passage, Crossing the Equator    
Hurta, Azures, Portugal to Waterford Ireland 13 D    
Cape Town, SA to Waterford, Ireland - 64 Days    
Waterford, Ireland to Halmstead, Sweden -37 Days    
Waterford, UK to Greenock, Scotland - 10 Days    
Greenock to Lerwick (Shetland Island) Scotland 12D    
Lerwick (Shetland Island) to Stavanger, Norway    
Lerwick(Shetland Island)Scotland to Stavanger, 9D    
Stavanger, Norway to Halmstad, Sweden - 9 Days    
Greenock,Scotland to Stavanger, Norway - 20 Days    
Rotterdam, NL - Vigo, ES - 11 Days    
Vigo, ES to Las Palmas, Spain - 13 Days    
Las Palmas, Spain - Salvador, Brazil: 27 N    
Salvador, Brazil - Montevideo, UR - 17 Days    
Montevideo, UR - Stanley, Falklands - 13 Days    
Rotterdam, NL - Montevideo, UR - 71 Days    
Montevidio, UR - Ushuaia, Arg. -38 nights    
Stanley, Falklands - Ushuaia, Arg. - 34 Days    
Ushuaia, Arg. - Cape Town, SA - 51 Nights    
CHARTER St Milo-Lisbon 13 Nights    
Lisbon, Portugal - Cadiz, Spain: 6 Nights    
Cadiz, Spain - Lisbon, Portugal: 6 Nights    
Lisbon, Portugal - La Corona, Spain - 9 Nights    
Lisbon, Portugal RT - 13 Nights    
Cadiz, Spain to La Corona, Spain: 15 Nights    
St. Malo, France-La Corona, Spain 36 Nights    
Horta, Portugal- St. Malo, France: 14 Nights    
Cape Town, SA-St. Malo, France: 66 Nights    
Ocean Voyage, Equator Crossing: 29 Nights    
Cape Town, SA-Ascension Island 23 Nights    
Corona, Spain -Falmouth, UK: 7 Nights    
Falmouth, UK - Amsterdam, Netherlands: 6 Nights    
Amsterdam, Netherlands-Lisbon, Portugal: 13N    
Lisbon, Portugal-Las Palmas, Spain: 11 N    
Las Palmas, Spain-Salvador, Brazil: 27 N    
Salvador, Brazil-Punta Arenas, Chile: 45 N    
Amsterdam, Netherlands-Punta Arenas, Chile: 80 N    
Punta Arenas, Chile-Ushuaia, Argentina: 23 N    
Ushuaia, Argentina-Cape Town, South Africa: 51 N    
Mauritius Island to Perth, Australia: 39 N    
Capetown, SA to Mauritius Island: 34 N    
Perth, Australia RT: 11 Nights    
Perth, Australia- Adelaide, Australia: 14 N    
Adelaide to Melbourne, Australia: 9 N    
Perth to Melbourne, Australia: 23 N    
Melbourne to Hobart, Australia: 9 N    
Hobart to Sydney, Australia: 11 N    
Sydney, Australia to Auckland, NZ: 16 N    
Auckland, NZ to Stanley, Falklands: 48 N    
Stanley, Falklands to Ushuaia, Arg.: 33 N    
Ushuaia Round Trip: 21 N    
Ushuaia, Arg. to Ascension Island: 58 N    
Ascension Island to Horta, Azores: 29 N    
Horta, Azores to Amsterdam: 18 N    
Ushuaia, Arg. to Horta, Azores: 91 N    
Ushuaia, Arg. to Amsterdam: 110 N    
Ushuaia, Argentina to Horta, Azores: 91 N    
Amsterdam, Netherlands to Lisbon, Portugal: 12 N    
Amsterdam, Netherlands-Punta Arenas, Chile: 80 N    
Fredrikstad, Norway-Amsterdam, Netherlands: 9 N    
Horta, Azores, Portugal- Belfast, Ireland: 15 N    
Cape Town, South Africa to Horta, Azores: 52 N    
Belfast, Ireland to Aalesund, Norway: 13 Nights    
Aslesund to Kristiansand, Norway: 10 Nights    
Kristiansand, Norway to Aalborg, Denmark: 7 N    
Belfast, Ireland to Aalborg, Denmark: 30 N    
Aalborg, Denmark- Harlingen, Netherlands: 9N    
Harlingen to Ijmuiden, Netherlands: 3 Nights    
Hoorn, Netherlands to Cascais, Portugal: 14 Nights    
Lisbon, Portugal to Tenerife, Canary Islands:11 N*    
Tenerife, Canary Islands to Salvador, Brazil: 27 N    
Hoorn, Netherlands to Salvador, Brazil: 54 Nights    
Hoorn, Netherlands to Punta Arenas, Chile:102 N    
Ushuaia, Argentina to Punta, Chile: 24N    
Punta Arenas, Chile to Cape Town, S. Africa: 54 N    
Horta, Azores, Portugal to Brest, France: 13 Night    
Cape Town, S. Africa to Brest, France: 66 Nights    
Brest, France to Scheveningen: NL: 4 Nights    
Rotterdam, NL to Porto, Portugal: 12 Nights    
Porto, Portugal to Tenerife, Canary Islands: 11 Ni    
Tenerife, Canary Islands to Cape Verde: 9 Nights    
Cape Verde to Montevidio, UR: 33 Nights    
Rotterdam, NL to Montevideo, UR: 66 Nights    
Tenerife Canary Islands to Montevideo, Uruguay:43N    
Kiel, Germany Round Trip: 4 Nights    

Cabin Pricing Information

  Type Description 22-Day Antarctica voyages 26-Day Cape Horn Rounding West Coast South America Panama to Bermuda
Standard cabin, 4 or 5-berths Standard Each cabin has ensuite shower and toilet. $7,750.00 - $8,200.00 $5,670.00 $920.00 - $1,730.00 $2,180.00 - $2,690.00
Standard Cabin, 2-berth Standard Each cabin has ensuite shower and toilet. $9,380.00 - $9,530.00 Not Available $1,210.00 - $2,250.00 $2,960.00 - $3,290.00
* Call to confirm prices at time of booking. Prices shown are in US$, converted from Euro's; the exchange rate will fluctuate.

Prices are per person. All meals and bed linens are included in the fares. Transfers to/from the vessel and local taxes are not included. Call for air fare.
**Pricing shown is subject to change and final prices will be confirmed upon booking.
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